Lidl Launches Mulled Wine Cheese Because... Well, We Don't Know Either

Is there demand for it? No. Does it keep happening? Yes

While Christmas brings good food, good company and good times, so come the weird and wacky food combos. Every year you’ll see bizarre and wholly unnecessary mash-ups of pigs-in-blankets flavoured tea, Christmas tree crisps, and sausage wreaths. Yes you read that last one correctly.

Lidl seems to have made it their aim to outdo them all with its new boozy mulled wine cheese. Let that sink in. Cheese and wine in one. Why? You may ask.

Allow us to explain.


Describing them as “premium festive cheese fusions”, the low cost supermarket aims to upgrade our cheeseboards to “impress your guests” and are available in store now.

First up is a Deluxe Wensleydale Winter Punch, £1.99, which sees the crumbly cheese blended with cranberries and soaked with mulled wine. Pair it with a polarising Deluxe White Stilton, £1.99, with a tipsy twist; fruity apricot and orange flavours infused with Amaretto.


Thankfully, Lidl hasn’t lost grip on reality just yet as it has also brought out a Deluxe 30 Month Matured Hand Made Vintage Cheddar for £3.99. Hand wrapped and made with locally sourced British milk from the Chesire countryside by the Heler family, it’s a welcome return of a failsafe classic.

We’ll be piling this high on our crackers and probably giving those “festive cheese fusions” a miss. Oh, and for fans of mulled wine, check our our tried-and-tested guide to the best readymade mixes on the market, instead.

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