'Line Of Duty' Series 4 Final Episode 6 Spoiler: Teaser Shows Things Looking Bad For Nick Huntley

'Why would I kill Tim?'

The BBC has released a sneak preview of the final episode of ‘Line of Duty’ - on screen on Sunday evening - and, judging by the two minutes’ viewing they’ve given us, things are looking pretty bad for Nick Huntley...

Do you think he’s telling the truth, or is there another twist to unfold yet in his relationship with the deceptive Roz? We’ve seen she’ll stop at nothing to dodge AC-12’s investigation, even framing her own husband if needs be.

Is Nick Balaclava Man? Does he even know his identity? There’s a lot to play out in the finale, with actors Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston both dropping hints in recent days as to the identity of Steve Arnott’s assailant, and how he’s related to AC-12’s investigation into Roz Huntley’s deceptions.

‘Line of Duty’ concludes on Sunday evening at 9pm on BBC One.


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