'Line of Duty' Actor Patrick Baladi (Almost) Solves Balaclava Man Mystery On 'Good Morning Britain'

Err... almost.

‘Line of Duty’ fans have been trying to guess all week the identity of Balaclava Man, and the other mysteries we hope to have uncovered in Sunday night’s finale.

The show’s stars Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compton have both chipped in with their hints as to how the story may unravel, and now Patrick Baladi - who’s gone down a storm as slimy solicitor Jimmy Bakewell in Series 4 - has given us his tuppence.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain on Friday, Patrick helpfully threw the name of ‘Ted Hastings’ into the frame of possible suspects for the crimes committed in the series.

He said: “The suspicion is shone on everyone. Even Hastings, who hasn’t been considered as a suspect... I’m throwing that out there.”

Nope. We’re not having it.

Patrick was also ready with his own unique contribution to the discussion of who exactly is behind the Balaclava, proffering a black bin bag, which he said held a big clue... dipping his hand in, and coming out with... baklava, an exotic sweet pastry treat. Thanks for that.

Err... almost, Patrick.
Err... almost, Patrick.

While he may be the most literal, Patrick isn’t the first actor this week to be pressed on the mysteries that remain under wraps until Sunday evening’s final episode. Actors Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston have both been dropping hints in recent days as to the identity of Steve Arnott’s assailant, and how he’s related to AC-12’s investigation into Roz Huntley’s deceptions.

‘Line of Duty’ concludes on Sunday evening at 9pm on BBC One.


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