Lisa Riley Reveals Plans To Adopt As She Feels It 'Wouldn't Be Fair' To Get Pregnant

The actress discussed her mother's battle with cancer.

Lisa Riley has revealed she would like to "adopt" as she feels it "wouldn't be fair" for her to get pregnant.

Discussing the possibility of becoming a mum, the 39-year-old said due to her family's history of cacner, she wouldn't want to risk it.

Riley's mum died from breast cancer ,aged 57, and her father had a cancer scare in 2015.

"With my gene pool, it wouldn’t feel fair having a child myself," she told OK! Magazine.

"I think I'm more likely to adopt from one of the countries I’ve visited - Ethiopia or South Africa - than the western world."

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The actress has previously spoken publicly about her reticence to start a family.

In November 2013, following her mum's death, Riley said, according to the Mirror: "I can’t see myself ever becoming a mum.

"I wouldn’t want my child to endure the same agony I have endured since mum died of breast cancer."

November 2016:

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