Liz Truss Is Back To Door-Knocking For The Conservatives And People Can't Believe It

"Do you think she’s aware how funny this is?"
Liz Truss
Liz Truss
via Associated Press

Liz Truss was back on the campaign trail for the Conservatives this weekend – and the internet thought it was unbe-leaf-able.

The former PM and current backbencher posted a photo of herself on a residential pavement with eight other people on X (formerly Twitter), on Saturday.

Her caption read: “Great to be out campaigning with the @SWNCA Conservative team in East Harling this morning.”

East Harling is a village in her constituency of South West Norfolk, a seat she has held since 2010. In the last general election, she secured a majority of 26,195.

However, in the years since, she has been elected to lead the Conservative Party and then ousted after just 45 days into her premiership.

Her disastrous mini-budget – something she still refuses to apologise for – sent the UK economy into such turmoil her own party kicked her out of office.

Her premiership – the shortest in UK history – also became associated with salad leaves, when a joke about which would last longer, Truss’s time in office or an iceberg lettuce’s shelf life, went viral. The iceberg won.

Truss has been trying to make quite the comeback recently, though, even though she is still pretty unpopular with the public.

This month she has been at the forefront of a new Tory movement called the Popular Conservatives (PopCon), a group which wants to “restore democratic accountability to Britain and deliver popular conservative policies”.

In her speech, she vowed to push back on the “left-wing extremists” and claimed Britain is full of “secret Conservatives” who privately agree with her.

Truss also revealed she has a book coming out in mid-April called Ten Years To Save The West, which meant social media came out with all of its best quips.

So it’s no surprise that Truss’s return to canvassing accrued more than 300,000 views in less than 24 hours.

But, lettuce – oh, sorry – let us be frank: the response on X was far from enthusiastic.


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