04/06/2017 20:36 BST | Updated 05/06/2017 12:20 BST

London Bridge Terror Attack Victim Pictured Sitting Up In Bed After Being Stabbed Four Times

'He was a fighter on the pitch as a kid, nice to see he hasn't changed one bit.'

A man stabbed four times in the London Bridge terror attack has been called a “soldier” after being pictured sitting up in a hospital bed.

Darren Mole posted a picture of his friend Brett Freeman on Twitter on Sunday night and wrote, “he’s a solider”.

Earlier today Mole wrote that he “just woke up to find a friend of mine stabbed 4 times in the London Bridge terror attack.”

Shortly after 10pm on Saturday a van ploughed into pedestrians on the bridge before three men rampaged with knives nearby, leaving seven dead and 48 injured. 

The Mirror reported that Freeman was a father-of-three from Dagenham, east London. 

The newspaper said Freeman was now recovering after doctors worked quickly to stop his lungs filling up with blood after the attack. 

Mole’s friends were quick to wish Freeman a speedily recovery and remembered how he was “a fighter” on the sporting pitch as a youngster. 

On Sunday, 21 victims remained in a critical condition. 

Among the injured was a person being treated after being caught in the crossfire when police shot the knifemen dead and Sunday Express Business editor Geoff Ho.

The journalist has been hailed a hero for coming to the aide of a Southwark Tavern bouncer being set upon by a knife-wielding terrorist. 

Ho, the Express reported, was stabbed in the throat during the altercation and was later seen walking calmly to an ambulance while holding a makeshift bandage over his wound. 

Ho, who is still recovering in hospital, has since posted a message on Facebook playing down his actions, saying he wasn’t sure whether it was “stupid or noble” to intervene. 

Another of the injured is Australian Candice Hedge, who was in a restaurant with her boyfriend when she was stabbed in the neck by one of the terrorists. 

Hedge underwent emergency surgery following the attack and was in a temporary coma before contacting friends and family. 

Her mother, Kim Del Toro, has since told reporters that her daughter “will be fine”.