15/06/2017 17:03 BST

London Fire Brigade Praised For Courage Following Grenfell Tower Blaze

'The heroes of Grenfell Tower.'

Londoners have paid poignant tributes to the city’s fire services for their courage following the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Two hundred firefighters fought the fire, which started in the early hours of Wednesday morning on the north Kensington estate.

Pacific Press via Getty Images
Fire crews have been hailed as heroes for their work at Grenfell Tower

A number of officers were hurt as they battled the blaze which killed at least 17 people.

But their hard work and courageous actions have not gone unnoticed.

This was the heart-rending response of locals to passing firefighters:

A touching note was left on the window of every fire engine parked in the area, reading “thank you for being incredible”:

Many on social media also paid tribute to the “heroes of Grenfell Tower”.

London Fire Brigade Commissioner Dany Cotton also praised her crews, saying: “I was truly anxious for a long time about the safety of the building and my firefighters in there but they were never going to stop until they physically couldn’t get in there anymore.

“I spoke to one of my officers who was very near when someone came out the window and he was in tears - and he’s a professional fire officer.

“You know we like to think of ourselves as roughty-toughty and heroes. They are heroes.

“But they have feelings and people were absolutely devastated by yesrtday’s event.”

Cotton said that she was concered about the psychological impact of some of the horror fire officers saw on that fateful night.


She added: “A lot of my firefighters yesterday experienced things they will never have seen before and I spoke to some people who were truly distressed.

“Not least of all because they knew there were people still in there and they were battling through the heat and couldn’t get there.

“My crews that turned up did absolutely sterling work. They got in there, they were very committed even though the building was alight from top to bottom and they were in fear for their own lives , they were in and out of that building committing time after time, to reduce the people we knew were in there. There was never any hesitation.