Louise Mensch Confuses Fabric Night Club With Brexit, Gets Comically Torn Apart

'God, Louise f*cking Mensch. Honestly.'

On Tuesday night it was announced that the famous Fabric nightclub in London would be closing due to a number of drug-related deaths at the venue.

The two events are - quite clearly - completely and wholly unrelated, but it appears the former Tory MP turned Stateside commentator, Louise Mensch, didn’t get the memo.

Vice’s Clive Martin eloquently lamented the closing of the club on Twitter.

Mensch, 45, for some unfathomable reason took issue with this final tweet, using it as a springboard to lambast Martin to her 101,000 followers.

How this conflating of two totally separate topics occurred is a mystery, prompting widespread disbelief and an unexpected dose of comedy joy on a #HumpDay morning.

Commendably, Martin took it all in his stride, continuing his tirade against the closing of Fabric, but not before he gave this succinct evaluation of Mensch’s intervention.

The moral of the story?


Here’s some more reaction because, well, it’s hilarous.

And credit where credit’s due, Martin’s argument against the closing of Fabric is worth reading in full.