14/06/2018 11:09 BST

Love Island's Camilla Thurlow Delivers Another Blow To Piers Morgan Over 'Half-Wits' Jibe

Piers might want to choose his words more carefully in future.

Former ‘Love Island’ star Camilla Thurlow has delivered a second blow to Piers Morgan, after he accused the reality show’s cast members of lacking in intelligence.

Well, to be exact, he called them a bunch of “halfwits” and “thick people”.

Earlier this week, Camilla - who appeared on last year’s ‘Love Island’ - suggested Piers had a “slight superiority complex”, which is why he consistently laid into the cast of the reality show, to which he responded: “No, I have a MASSIVE superiority complex over those ‘Love Island’ halfwits.”

J M Warren/SHM/Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock
Piers Morgan and Camilla Thurlow

Camilla, who posts infrequently on Twitter, then appeared to back down, with many assuming she’d decided the argument wasn’t worth having on such a public platform.

However, she’s now posted her response, insisting her delayed reaction was due to not wanting to “kick a man when he’s down”, after looking up the true definition of “superiority complex”, which points out it’s actually a mask for “actual feelings of inferiority and failure”.

Before signing up to last year’s ‘Love Island’, Camilla worked in bomb disposal, and has since used the fame afforded to her by the show to voice her support for a number of causes, namely the refugee crisis.

Last year, she joined the cast of HuffPost UK’s online series ‘New Activists’, in which she discussed her trip to a refugee camp in Calais to help those in need, and met with Lord Dubs to talk about the High Court ruling on resettling more unaccompanied child refugees in the UK.

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