27/07/2018 08:54 BST | Updated 27/07/2018 09:29 BST

Love Island's Hayley Hughes Films Interview With Nigel Farrage As He Defends Her Over Brexit Gaffe

Is this TV's most unlikely pairing ever?

A lot may have happened since, but one of the undoubted highlights (or maybe lowlights based on your point of view) of this year’s ‘Love Island’ was Hayley HughesBrexit gaffe - however, it seems to have been a rather lucrative mistake for her. 

The former Islander has bagged a TV slot from it, interviewing former UKIP leader Nigel Farage for ITV’s ‘This Morning’

Nigel Farage and Hayley from Love Island - TV's most unlikely double act

The pair were spotted filming in a London pub on Thursday, with pictures published by The Sun

And while Hayley faced a huge amount of ridicule after she asked her fellow Islanders if leaving the EU would mean the UK had fewer trees, Nigel has defended her ignorance. 

He told the paper: “First, everyone is being really unfair on Hayley saying she’s stupid when very few people understand the EU. And second, I’ve spent my whole life on this and even I don’t have a clue what Theresa May is doing!”

The unlikely pairing were previously thrown together on ‘The Daily Politics’, where Hayley received a Brexit crash-course from BBC political correspondent Adam Fleming.

She said that since learning about our impending exit from the EU, she was “actually finding it really interesting”. 

After leaving the Island last month, Hayley previously told ‘Lorraine’ she “didn’t think many 21-year-olds know about Brexit.”

“I don’t really understand, if you want me to be honest,” she said. “But, obviously, because I’ve been the one to open my mouth and not just sit back, it’s me that has been judged.”

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