Love Island Is A Rom Com And It's Got All Our Favourite Tropes

Enemies to lovers? Friends to lovers? The villain we hate to love? Tick, tick, tick, Islanders.
Dami and Indiyah in the Love Island villa.
Dami and Indiyah in the Love Island villa.

We’re well into the swing of Love Island by now. Couples have formed, tensions are high and we, the audience, are very entertained.

Anyone who’s a romantic fiction reader or rom com obsessive will have noticed some of their favourite storylines forming right before our eyes.

And the good people of Twitter are calling out these tropes as they see them

Take the “enemies to lovers” narrative – one of the reasons why the most recent season of Bridgerton was so popular. Who would have thought we’d watch this unfold on Love Island in the form of Ekin Su and Davide.

So, ere all those romantic tropes viewers have been spotting this season

‘Friends to lovers’

Dami and Indiyah have enjoyed the classic friends to lovers storyline and we are here for them.

The two started out in coupled with other people, but it was clear to see neither pairing was the right fit. And after their partners were eliminated, the pals quickly acknowledged they both felt attracted to one another.

Here’s to a happy ending! Could they even be this season’s winners?

‘Enemies to lovers’

Davide and Ekin-Su are giving us ‘enemies to lovers’ like no one else. The couple started off like any other Love Island pair, until Ekin-Su sneakily went off to kiss Jay behind Davide’s back, which led to her and Davide falling out.

Though the two state they can’t stand each other, you can tell romance is still in the air.

‘Girl falls, but boy falls harder’

It was a slow start with Paige and Jacques, but after Jay confessed his feelings for Paige, Jacques hasn’t stopped trying to step up his efforts with her.

They’ve both fallen for each, but it seems like Jacques is falling hardest. We expect them to stay together all the way... until Casa Amor, at least.

‘The villain we love’

Ekin-Su is the ultimate villain – the contestant viewers love to hate (or hate to love). Even since she snuck around with Jay while she was matched with Davide, she has caused nothing but trouble.

If she’s not spreading gossip she’s out causing mischief and we love to see it. We hope for more mess and drama from the queen that is Ekin-Su!