'Love Island': Rosie Williams Doesn't Have A Kind Word To Say About Adam Collard As She Leaves Villa

'Adam has a lot of growing up to do.'

Rosie Williams has become the latest person to leave the ‘Love Island’ villa, and as she left, she wasn’t exactly complimentary about former flame Adam Collard.

The 26-year-old solicitor said Adam “had a lot of growing up to do” after he ditched her for newcomer Zara McDermott earlier in the week.

Rosie has been voted out of 'Love Island'
Rosie has been voted out of 'Love Island'

Having become the casualty of the latest recoupling, Rosie departed the villa after being the only person not to be in a couple.

Speaking after her exit, she said: “I feel Adam has a lot of growing up to do and he handled the whole situation with me completely the wrong way and I didn’t deserve what I went through and I know that.”

She continued: “I don’t think Adam can help himself. I think whenever he sees someone new come in they’re a challenge for him. He wants to be the Alpha Male, he wants every girl to want him. It’s something new and shiny to play with, I think if they send in a brunette bombshell that’s his type he’d definitely will go for it again.”

Adam has come under fire for his behaviour in the villa
Adam has come under fire for his behaviour in the villa

Rosie also shared her thoughts on Zara, and let’s just say we don’t think she’ll be on her Christmas card list this year.

“Zara is very clever – I think she has a game plan,” she said. “She came in and was cold towards not just me but all the girls and was very boy focused and boy orientated.

“She made out to the boys we had isolated her when really we had put in the effort but she gave nothing back.”

The official ‘Love Island’ couples are now as follows:

Jack and Dani

Josh and Georgia

Wes and Laura

Adam and Zara

Eyal and Megan

Alex and Ellie

Sam and Samira

Adam has faced a backlash from fans over his treatment of Rosie, while Ofcom have also received complaints about his behaviour.

Women’s Aid have also added their voice to the debate, stating they believe he has displayed “warning signs”.

‘Love Island’ continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2.

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