Love Island Fans Demand Justice For Teddy After He's Stitched Up By Casa Amor's Postcard Twist

Viewers are not happy that bosses have meddled with his and Faye's relationship.

Love Island fans have demanded justice for Teddy Soares who they believe has been stitched up by the show’s latest twist.

The last few days have seen the original couples split up, with the boys getting to know a new group of girls in Casa Amor, and the girls staying in the main villa with a new group of boys.

Wednesday night’s episode of the ITV2 reality series saw the girls in the main villa sent a picture postcard depicting what their partners had been up to while living in Casa Amor.

The photos showed the lads kissing or snuggling with the new arrivals.

And while some of the lads have been less than loyal to their original partners since being in Casa Amor, viewers took issue with the fact producers had painted Teddy in a bad light by choosing to show the girls a photo of him and Clarisse Juliette kissing during a game of dares.

This upset Faye Winter – who had been coupled up with Teddy – believing he had not remained loyal to her.

In actual fact, he has been sleeping outside on the day beds so not to have to share a bed with anyone else, and has admitted how much he misses Faye.

Many viewers claimed producers had done Teddy over and misled Faye with their selection of pictures, especially as Faye has now vowed to get to know other boys.

Show bosses faced a barrage of Ofcom complaints over a similar stunt they pulled in 2018.

Dani Dyer was sent a video message of Jack Fincham reacting to the arrival of his ex-girlfriend Ellie Jones in Casa Amor.

Dani was left distraught at the thought Jack could reunite with his ex, and spent days in emotional turmoil wondering what was going on between them.

The stunt sparked over 2,500 complaints to TV watchdog Ofcom, with many complaining the producers had caused Dani unnecessary emotional distress given there was nothing going on between Jack and Ellie.

Ofcom later declared they wouldn’t be taking the matter any further, as they didn’t feel Love Island breached any of their guidelines, acknowledging that while Dani’s emotional reaction was difficult to watch, viewers should expect “emotionally charged scenes” and “scenes [which] have been engineered to test contestants’ relationships”.

Love Island continues on Thursday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

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