'Main Character Syndrome' Is Alive And Well In These 21 Tweets

Who would play you in the film of your own life? Oh, wait, you already are.

Ever sat in the passenger seat of a car, with headphones in, staring out at the world and pretending you’re a character in a movie or music video? (Don’t lie.)

‘Main character syndrome’ is basically when someone believes they’re the lead in the film of their own life. As Urban Dictionary illuminates: it “usually comes with a side of individuality complex, quirky style and a self-centred point of view.”

It can feel like a welcome departure from reality, a chance to romanticise your life, when it feels anything but. But the syndrome can be used as some major shade too: used to describe those who believe everyone cares about them as much as they do about themselves.

It’s not new, exactly – it’s been trending on TikTok for months now, but nor does it show any signs of going away – born out of lockdown and people wanting to shake up the monotony of life by pretending they’re stars of their own show. And it is any wonder, given how much people love to promote themselves.

Either way, folks are getting on board

There are even outfits to match

Some people are WELL aware they have it

Other people need to be told

Transport seems to encourage it to kick in

Others can’t quite relate

And some, well we’re not quite sure