Mariah Carey Decrees 'Christmas Starts Now' In Completely Ridiculous Video

If you thought her Walkers ad was over the top, just you wait...

Mariah Carey has officially decreed that “Christmas starts now” in yet another epic and totally ridiculous video posted on her Twitter account.

As you may recall, the pop songstress and apparent Queen of Christmas posted a festive video on social media on 1 November, declaring that because Halloween was over for another year, it was time to look ahead to the Christmas period.

Well, as she says in her latest visual offering, she’s now “kicked it into high gear”.

A few snapshots of Mariah Carey's incredible new festive video
A few snapshots of Mariah Carey's incredible new festive video
Twitter/Mariah Carey

A beautifully-lit Mariah appears in the video surrounded by festive decorations and weirdly retro technology, which quite obviously begins with the line: “Oh, I didn’t see you there.”

“You know,” she explains. “People always ask me, ‘Mimi, Mimi, tell us when Christmas starts?’. You think it’s magic? That Christmas spirit just fills the air? Not quite.”

Pushing buttons and pulling levers in her wintery den (dubbed the “Christmas Control Centre”, Mariah continues: “I’ve been here, making sure everything’s in perfect order behind the scenes.”

Maniacally shaking some jingle bells, she adds: “You know I started early this year, but now it’s time to kick it into hiiiigh geeeear.”

It’s then she reveals that Christmas starts “now”, with the push of a flashing green button.

Believe it or not, the video itself is even more a bizarre and fabulous watch than we’re making out, particularly when you find out the whole thing is in aid of… a Spotify playlist she’s seemingly curated.

Of course, in the year her Christmas hit All I Want For Christmas Is You turned 25, Mariah has gone overboard with her festivities, which includes her fantastic appearance in Walkers crisps’ TV ad.

She’s also re-released her classic album Merry Christmas, which features a host of new tracks including a duet with John Legend.

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