18/11/2020 10:22 GMT

Mariah Carey Unboxing Margaret Thatcher-Themed Goodies In Honour Of The Crown Is A Lot

"Look at the secret surprise of the Margaret Thatcher… situation," the diva remarked.

As the world throws itself into the fourth series of The Crown, it seems even music royalty is getting in on the regal fun.

Mariah Carey shared her excitement about the show with her fans on Tuesday, uploading a short clip of herself unboxing some Margaret Thatcher-themed goodies.

And trust us, it’s every bit as wild as that sounds.

Showing off a mock ministerial box sent to her by Netflix – embossed with a Thatcher quote, no less – Mariah enthused: “Look at this! It’s The Crown! This is real, this is a moment, this is what they sent.”

She then read out a note the streaming giant had sent to her (and you know Mariah doesn’t need to wait for an invitation to break out that British accent), saying: “In honour of season four, we wish to offer a rare glimpse into the Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher.

“Look at the secret surprise of the Margaret Thatcher… situation,” Mariah noted, revealing bottles of alcohol that were stashed at the bottom of the box.

Apparently Netflix didn’t get the memo that Mimi only drinks champagne, but she had the good grace not to mention it.

The sight of Mariah fawning over her Thatcher-inspired goodies was a lot for some people to get their heads around:

Former prime minister Margaret Thatcher is a new addition to The Crown in its fourth series, where she’s played by Gillian Anderson.

The new episodes, which debuted on the streaming service on Sunday, also introduce Emma Corrin, who has received widespread praise for her portrayal of Princess Diana.

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