Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's Rainbow Flag Rant Gets Flipped Back On Her

The extremist Republican flipped out after she spotted the Pride flag flying outside the venue she was speaking at. "Shame on them," she repeatedly yelled.

Far-right Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican, Georgia) got into a flap over the rainbow flag and was fast mocked on Twitter.

Greene took offence to the flying of the LGBTQ flag outside the Gaylord Texas Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas, during her talk there at a conference hosted by the right-wing college group Turning Point USA.

It was flying next to the Stars and Stripes and the Texas state flag, she said.

“Shame on them. Shame on them. Shame on them for hanging that flag out there. Shame on them,” ranted Greene, who is no stranger to going off on homophobic rants. “Because it shouldn’t be about what people do sexually that causes us to hang a flag somewhere.”

“The only flags that should ever be hung are our United States flag and a state flag, so shame on the Gaylord,” Greene continued, later telling the audience: “I’m surprised one of ya’ll hasn’t shimmied up that flag poll yet and taken it down.”

Greene shared a video of her diatribe on Twitter, here:

The only flags that should be flown are our beautiful American flag and a state flag.

Flags shouldn’t be flown because of a so-called “sexual identity.”

— Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 (@mtgreenee) June 11, 2023

“Flags shouldn’t be flown because of a so-called ‘sexual identity,’” she wrote.

Critics accused the Donald Trump devotee of hypocrisy:

What about the confederate and trump flags that were present at the “tourist visit” on January 6?

— Brittney (@causeribbons4u) June 11, 2023

Girl hush ur people had confederate flags everywhere

— Fund_Abortion (@DTorstensond) June 11, 2023

Then stop waving Trump flags around, okay hypocrite?

— The Fact Checker (@MonitorFake) June 11, 2023

You are a big Red Flag!

— Gay Pastor Tom (@TheGayPastorTom) June 11, 2023

Wait until #TrumpTerrorist #MarjorieTraitorGreene finds out about all the #Trump #Flags.

— Don Auto - WEAR A MASK - Get Vaccinated💉 (@Mr_Don_Auto) June 12, 2023

As you push sales for these flags, HYPOCRITE!

— William Scott Lowe (@lowe110711) June 11, 2023

But those Trump flags are fine right Marge?

— Chris Coble (@ChrisCoble) June 11, 2023

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