'Mastery' Maths Technique Is Said To Improve Kids' Results, So Can You Answer These Five Questions?

The questions focus on using physical objects and pictures.

The “mastery” teaching technique for maths is said to be helping UK kids improve their test scores.

This “inclusive way of teaching” maths originated in Shanghai and Singapore. It focuses on using physical objects and pictures to explore traditional maths symbols.

Tes Global, a digital education company, has released examples of exercises set for pupils, from the free full curriculum they launched for Years 1-6 of primary school, aligned to the national curriculum.

Here are five of the questions - can you answer them?






A small-scale study of 1,100 teachers, run by Tes, found 60% stated the new maths technique had raised engagement in the subject.

Tes has launched a collection of maths education resources to help more schools looking to use this Asian-style approach.

The hub offers support and guidance on mastery and organises teacher-created resources. It was devised in collaboration with the White Rose Maths Hub and Mathematics Mastery.

Laura Beeson, assistant head teacher at Primrose Hill Primary School in London, is using the new maths approach with her pupils.

She said: “As a school we have started by focusing on three of the main aspects of mastery teaching: taking slow steps and dedicating more time to concepts before moving on, the use of models and images to support understanding and the importance of variation - seeing the same concept in many different ways.

“The Tes primary maths mastery space is a central place to look for this - giving teachers a starting point.”


Puzzle 1 – KS1 – Answer: 54kg

Puzzle 2 – KS1 – Answer: 24

Puzzle 3 – KS1 – Answer: 19

Puzzle 4 – KS2 – Answer: 13/30

Puzzle 5 – KS2 – Answer: 3 more lime sweets.

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