Year Six SATs: Children In Tears After Maths Paper, Teachers Report

'I apologised to my children about the last four questions - too hard!'

Children left their final SATs test in tears, after being set a particularly “difficult” maths paper, teachers have reported.

Discussing their Year Six pupils’ response to their final assessment at the end of four days of testing, teachers on the TES forum shared that it had been a particularly emotional time.

“For the first time in the 100 years I have been teaching Year 6 I had a little girl cry at the end of this paper. I am not a happy bunny,” wrote one.

”I had three crying,” added another teacher. “And at the end when I had collected them in they didn’t cheer like the other times, they sat in silence.

“Speaks volumes. I cried after too, totally heart wrenching.”

The general consensus was that the paper was “difficult” but “fair”.

“There was little ambiguity in the questions,” explained one teacher.

“Yes, there were two very tricky questions towards the end, but the beginning of the paper was pretty simple.

“I think the threshold will lower slightly, but not much.

“The arithmetic was a step up from last year, Paper one was tricky. Overall, I felt the maths assessments were fair.”

Some teachers also took to Twitter to share their views on this year’s maths papers for 10- and 11-year-olds.

Statistics published by Childline on Friday 11 May show that children across the country are “overwhelmed” by stress and anxiety during the school exam period.

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