Meghan Markle Drinks Milk From A Baby’s Bottle And Meows Like A Cat In Ridiculous Prank On Ellen DeGeneres’ US Talk Show

The Duchess of Sussex really embraced her silly side.

Meghan Markle showed off her goofy side during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ US talk show on Thursday.

The Duchess of Sussex really embraced her silly side as she pranked unsuspecting members of the public.

Meghan’s antics were a far cry from the royal family’s reserved image as she was forced to do or say whatever Ellen instructed her to do via a hidden earpiece.

We won’t spoil things for you, but highlights include Meghan doing a squat, referring to herself as ‘mommy’, eating a chip like a chipmunk, pretending to be a cat (complete with meows) and (our fave bit) drinking milk from a baby’s bottle.

Watch Meghan in action in the video above.


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