Melania Trump Wore A 'Green Screen Dress' And It Played Out Just As You'd Expect

One simply cannot wear a green screen dress and not expect to be green-screened.

Repeat after me: Bright green clothing is not safe for the internet.

First lady Melania Trump learned that the hard way when she wore a lime green dress to the closing night of the Republican National Convention, which was held, in an unprecedented move, on the White House South Lawn on Thursday.

The moment she emerged from the building, internet pranksters knew they had their work cut out for them:

According to CNN’s Kate Bennett, the dress appeared to be a Valentino, but to some online, it was nothing more than a blank canvas. Video editors immediately had at it, using the dress as an opportunity to draw attention to some of the issues that were hardly referenced by Republicans during the four-day convention. The coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests were common themes overlaid on the dress.

Here’s one edited to show the current case count and death toll from the virus in the US:

Some toilet humour was also featured, due to the accusations about the first lady made in a new book authored by her former adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff:

As was Trump hanging out with late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein:

There were strong words from his Democratic rival, former vice president Joe Biden:

And other editing shenanigans:

Melania Trump should’ve learned from Queen Elizabeth’s foray into the world of lime green in 2016: That color is outright dangerous.