Johnson Sacks 'Snake' Gove From Cabinet

The communities secretary had told the PM to go.
Boris Johnson and Michael Gove in May.
Boris Johnson and Michael Gove in May.
WPA Pool via Getty Images

Michael Gove has been sacked from the cabinet, HuffPost UK understands, after telling Boris Johnson earlier in the day his position as prime minister was untenable.

The dramatic move, reported first by the BBC and Sky News, came as Johnson vowed to fight on despite being hit with a wave ministerial resignations.

The levelling up, communities and housing secretary was once a key ally as the pair campaigned successfully for Brexit.

One former minister said: “It’s Trump all over again.”

A cabinet minister added: “Even I wouldn’t have sacked Gove.”

Gove was thought to have told the prime minister on Wednesday morning that it was time for him to quit.

That was followed by a delegation of cabinet ministers going to No 10 to tell Johnson he should stand down after losing the trust of his MPs.

The BBC reported that Gove, the levelling up, communities and housing secretary, had been sacked, with a No 10 source telling the broadcaster: “You cannot have a snake who is not with you on any of the big arguments who then gleefully briefs the press that he has called for the leader to go.

“You cannot operate like that.”

Johnson’s relationship with Gove has long been troubled, with the prime minister’s leadership campaign in 2016 derailed when his rival withdrew support and decided to run himself.


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