Microsoft's New CaptionBot AI Is Being Put Through Its Paces

Hopefully CaptionBot won't make the same mistakes as Tay.

Microsoft unveiled their latest artificial intelligence project on Thursday, and they're probably hoping it doesn't go the way of Tay, their last AI which was supposed to learn from people on Twitter but just ended up being really, really racist.

The tech giant's latest attempt at making a smart piece of software is CaptionBot, which attempts to analyse pictures and provide a suitable caption for them.

Obviously, Twitter jumped into action and started pushing memes through it.

But most people found it didn't quite do the job it was supposed to...

Of course, a few jokers mocked up some fake ones:

And a few people were even lucky enough to get it bang on.

No doubt the people at Microsoft will have put some measures in place to stop CaptionBot turning into another Tay fiasco, however it will be learning from every image that gets uploaded - so maybe in a week or so it'll actually be able to tell what Ed Miliband is up to in that bacon sarnie picture.

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