Morrissey's Nicola Sturgeon Put-Down Sparks Mixed Response And 'Walk Outs' At Glasgow Show

'I’m curious, do you actually like her?'

If you thought Morrissey’s vow that he would never again do a press interview would keep his name out of the headlines, then think again.

The always-controversial singer is currently on tour in the UK, and made a rather poor impression when he arrived in Glasgow over the weekend, when he criticised Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

<strong> Morrissey</strong>
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A review in The Guardian claimed Morrissey asked the crowd: “I’m curious, do you actually like Nicola Sturgeon?”, before commenting that “those hands would be in anybody’s pocket”, which sparked “a chaotic mixture of screams and boos”.

Some reports have even claimed that the former Smiths frontman’s comments pushed some fans to walk out of the concert altogether.

<strong>Nicola Sturgeon</strong>
Nicola Sturgeon
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However, others have said on social media that the negative reception from the crowd was to the SNP leader, rather than to Morrissey.

A spokesperson for Morrissey declined to comment when contacted by HuffPost UK.

The past few months have been particularly controversial for Morrissey, after he apparently defended Kevin Spacey in an interview with a German newspaper, following allegations of sexual abuse against the ‘House Of Cards’ actor.

Morrissey later claimed he’d been misquoted, leading to his aforementioned assertion that he’d no longer be doing interviews with the press, though the newspaper in question stood their ground, even sharing the audio file of their interview to prove their quotes were accurate.

Elsewhere in the same interview, he was asked if he could press a button that would cause the death of President Trump, he replied “in the interests of the human race I would, yes”, which he’d also previously denied saying in a Facebook post.

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