These Are The Most Popular Nature-Inspired Baby Names

Love the outdoors? Then you'll want to jot these names down.
Radomir Jovanovic via Getty Images

Have you picked out your baby names? Whether you’re having a child soon, or in the near or distant future, many of us have picked out the names we adore.

And now, to make it easier for you (or perhaps harder), we’ve found the most popular nature-inspired monikers, for those who love the great outdoors.

New research from Play Like Mum has revealed the wildlife-inspired baby names that are the most popular as well as the most unique in the UK.

The researchers have also listed how many boys and girls were given each name in the last 10 years (helpful if you want a unique one).

And keeping with the nature theme, we’ve also listed the most popular floral names, so you might see some on each list doubling up.

Most popular nature-inspired names

Baby girl names and how many were named in the last 10 years

Poppy, 43415

Holly, 40,845

Daisy, 39,513

Jasmine, 28,009

Rosie, 25,633

Willow, 17,233

Brooke, 16,369

Ivy, 14,862

Rose, 13,824

Skye, 11,759

Baby boy names and how many were named in the last 10 years

Robin, 3,883

River, 1,953

Woody, 1,513

Bear, 619

Fox, 602

Sunny, 597

Brook, 454

Forrest, 338

Ocean, 299

Basil, 271

The research has also revealed the UK’s most unique nature names for babies:
“Cliff”, (meaning cliffside slope), is the UK’s most unique outdoor name for boys. Meanwhile “Stormi”, after Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s baby, is the UK’s most unique outdoor name for girls.

Most popular floral names

In light of National Houseplant week, training group The Knowledge Academy endeavoured to find out the the world’s top floral themed baby names by collating 100 examples and cross referencing with names website Forebears to reveal which are the most influential.

You might see some names you don’t realise are floral in the following list, such as William, but William gets its floral association from the garden plant Dianthus Barbatus, which has the common name of ‘Sweet William’.

And remember that some names have a floral translation in their language.

Susan, a girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘Lily flower’, gains the third spot in this list, with a world popularity ranking of 107. Rosa, meaning rose, has Spanish, Italian and Portuguese origins.

Girls’ names, world popularity ranking, number of people with this name

Rosa, 52. 633,4723

Susan, 107, 376,7287

Rose, 181, 285,0867

Veronica, 211, 255,9608

Cynthia, 388, 173,5516

Rosemary, 956, 949,349

Iris, 1,202, 783,027

Flora, 1,373,


Daisy, 2,245

Boys’ names, world popularity ranking, number of people with this name

William, 51, 635,1385

Kamal, 218, 251,9397

Soma, 1,420, 684,756

Florin, 3,999, 263,243

Jared, 5,740. 183,069

Basil, 7,581. 137,934

Kunal, 7,630, 136,803

Florent, 7,679. 135,508

Briar, 185,598, 1,712