MPs Double Down On Donald Trump Attacks After Hillary Clinton Denied US Presidential Victory

'A devastating day for women, people of colour and a tolerant society.'

British MPs have used Donald Trump’s victory in the US Presidential election to double down on their criticism of the Republican.

Politicians from across the political spectrum were almost fully united in their attacks on the man they slated him and debated banning from the UK just several months ago.

Some speculated results day would be an awkward event for the outspoken MPs who had previously criticised Trump.

But if anything, the opposite was true. MPs were ardent in their criticism, refusing to let the Republican’s victory stop them condemning his “populist” and “rejectionist” policies.

Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon said Trump’s election was “deeply worrying” and that Hillary Clinton being picked as his opponent was “sadly very helpful” to his win.

Fellow frontbencher Angela Rayner also commented, posted a Martin Luther King Jr. quote decrying the “darkness” of “hate”.

The Green MP Caroline Lucas described Wednesday as a “devastating day” for women, people of colour and “a tolerant society”.

Owen Smith, who ran against Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership election, meanwhile pointed to the messages of congratulations Trump received from Marine Le Pen and Vladimir Putin.

He wrote:

Brendan Cox, widow of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, spoke out to reveal what the couple had spoke of when discussing the possibility of a Trump victory.

“Right now, she’d say ‘don’t mourn, organise and reassert what was hold in common,” he wrote.

But it was perhaps SNP MP Owen Thompson who summed up the fear of some MPs best with a post on R.E.M.’s ‘It’s The End Of The World’.

“Seems an appropriate theme for today,” he wrote.


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