Mum Appeals For Advice Over Breastfeeding Query After Noticing Son Holds Other Breast While Feeding

'Has anyone experienced this?'

A mum has appealed to the internet for advice after realising her son clutches her other breast while she is feeding him.

The mother, whose name is not known, asked other mums on the Facebook page ‘Breastfeeding Mama Talk’ with a photo of herself breastfeeding.

“Has anyone experienced this?” she wrote. “My son is 13 months and must have his hand on the opposite breast while nursing.”

Thankfully, the mother found out her son was not alone in doing this while he feeds.

“Always experience this,” one mum wrote. “This is my fourth breastfed son, and none of the other three did it, so it was particularly startling.

“When he nurses he always wants his hand holding, flicking, squeezing and/or pinching the other nipple.”

Another wrote: “My seven-month-old is obsessed with playing with the nipple opposite of the one she is nursing. I used to be able to go to bed without a shirt on, but not anymore, not without getting a titty twister.”

Some mums started naming babies who do this “twiddlers”.

“My son is 13 months and has tried to be a twiddler the entire time,” another wrote. “I hate it and will not let him do it.

“He still consistently tries every single time he nurses. I will hold his hand down so he can’t and he will try to use his foot.”

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