19/05/2017 09:20 BST | Updated 19/05/2017 09:20 BST

Parenting 'Hack' To Get Baby To Sleep Angers Mums And Dads: 'This Is Monumentally Stupid'

'Someone should tell these people how f***ing dangerous that is.'

Parents are far from impressed with a clip of a parenting ‘hack’ posted to Reddit that supposedly helps to get a baby to sleep

The clip, shared on Monday 15 May, shows a baby in a rocker that is attached to a KitchenAid, creating “white noise”.

But mums and dads criticised the “hack”, arguing it’s dangerous to have the baby so close to the working food mixer. 

“I have one of these KitchenAid mixers and they are pretty powerful,” one person wrote. “This is monumentally stupid because the baby will likely get hurt given a long enough time.”

Another person wrote: “No way. The cardinal rule with very powerful rotating machines is NO loose clothing. This is extremely stupid.

“Just picturing that thing flipping up and the baby falling into the mixer.”

And another added: “This is one of those ideas we all have and then most of us immediately realise it’s a really stupid idea.

“This person doesn’t have that part of the brain.”

Although still disagreeing with the hack, some tried to justify it in some way.

“This seems like such an incredibly bad idea I can’t really even come up with a positive thing to say here,” one person wrote. “At least they aren’t using an extension cord on the mixer I guess?”

And others felt that the noise created by the mixer wouldn’t be very relaxing at all, with one writing: “That white noise wouldn’t be very subtle, am I right?”

Bottom line? Bad idea.

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