26/06/2017 10:31 BST | Updated 26/06/2017 12:14 BST

Mums Outraged At Slogan On Baby's Bodysuit And Call It 'Wildly Inappropriate' And 'Offensive'

'That is offensive on several levels.'

A mum who was shocked at a slogan she saw on a babygro shared a photo on Mumsnet and parents aren’t happy. 

Mumsnet user Jarhead123 wrote: “Am I being unreasonable to think this babygro is awful? Cringe!”

She posted the picture of a white and black bodysuit with the words: “All mummy wanted was a back rub.”

It wasn’t clear where the baby clothing was from.

“Oh that babygro is so offensive on several levels,” one person commented. “What a horrible thing to put a beautiful baby in.”


Another wrote: “Very inappropriate, sex references on baby clothing.

“If someone had bought that for my daughter when she was a baby, I’d have used it to wipe her bum, never mind her wearing it.”

And the majority of other parents were in agreement.

“Yep, it’s gross,” another wrote. “I’ve seen similar before, and it really makes me cringe. But hey, each to their own as they say.”

One mum added: “Wildly inappropriate, you are not being unreasonable. This is so tasteless and unfunny.”

Another commented: “If mummy did not want sex then she was raped.”

One person disagreed that the slogan was unreasonable.

“FFS does no one on here realise that they are meant as gag gifts,” they wrote. “They do not make it seem like the mother was raped.

“Regarding the comments about the type of person that would buy them, I’m a professional in my 30s with two degrees. Really... this is what offends you?”

What are your thoughts on the slogan? Do you find it offensive?

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