The Best Unique Luggage Tags – Never Miss Your Bag On The Carousel Again

Sharpen up that suitcase.

You’re fresh off the plane, your sunnies are balanced on your head, and now the only thing that stands between you and a pina colada is the dreaded baggage carousel.

Whether you’re someone who pushes everyone aside to be in first line, or you’re chill about the whole affair, bagging yourself a unique luggage tag can save help you spot it quickly – and help you avoid the embarrassment of lurching forward every time a bag that looks a bit like yours emerges.

We’ve hunted online to find the best of the bunch available from Amazon.

Secure Luggage Tags, Amazon, £6.59

These bold coloured luggage tags are available in packs of two, four, five or six - perfect if you have a family or like to travel with more than one bag. And the designs are so extra you won’t fail to spot them.

Leather Luggage Tags, Amazon, £8.49

These classy lemon yellow tags will add a touch of sunshine to your battered old suitcase.

Suitcase ID Tags, Amazon, £7.99

Because what screams “holiday” louder than a pineapple, cactus or flamingo luggage tag? Get in the holiday spirit by securing one of these to your suitcase.

Aluminium Design Tags, Amazon, £8.89

These sturdy metal tags are unlikely to get battered in the baggage holdall, and they come in a range of fancy colours too - including blue, navy and gold.

Pineapple And Flamingo Tags, Amazon, £5.99

These super cute tags come in packs of two, and you can pop in a card with your name and address on them in case your suitcase goes missing.

World Design Luggage Tag, Amazon, £4.95

The fun doesn’t need to stop when your holiday comes to an end. Why not use the map to plot your next adventure?

Lima Llama Luggage Tag, Amazon, £4.24

Arguably there’s nothing more millennial than a llama design. Make your luggage trendy with this funky little chap.

Leather Luggage Tags, Amazon, £7.99

Never miss your baggage again with this bright and funky leather tag.

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