New Royal Baby Name: Prince Albert Starts Trending Before Official Announcement

What name do you think they'll choose?

Royal fans are convinced the Duke and Duchess have called their third royal baby Prince Albert after believing they detected an error on the royal family website.

When searching the URL, people are met with a page that says “Access denied: You are not authorised to access this page.” This is the same page that comes up when using the same URL with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

However, when you add any other name in the royal website URL - from Arthur to Alexander - users are met with a page that says: “Page not found: The requested page could not be found.”

As a result, fans on Twitter have been convinced that the couple have named their third child Albert - ‘Prince Albert’ has even started trending.

However one Twitter user helpfully pointed out that the reason the Prince Albert page comes up with the same message to Prince George and Princess Charlotte is because there is another page on Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband.

She said if you add a ‘0’ to the URL for George and Charlotte, the page can be viewed.

Either way, it just shows how eager the royal fans are to find out the royal baby name.

HuffPost UK has contacted Kensington Palace for comment. As spokesperson was unable to confirm when the baby name would be released.

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