24/02/2017 12:18 GMT

Grieving Mum Appeals To Internet To Find 'Next' Sleepsuit For Her Twin Boy Who Died

She wanted her twins to be in the same outfit for the funeral.

A mum appealed to the internet to help her find a sleepsuit from ‘Next’ for her son who died to wear at his funeral.

Zoe Taylor, from Peterborough, sent her request to the Mum2Mum market Facebook page said the suit was very old, passed down from one of her older children, so she couldn’t find another one in the shop. 

“A plea across the country to anyone who may have one of these ‘Next’ sleepsuits in size up to three months,” the Facebook status read on 22 February.

“This is from circa 2011 so looking for a mummy or daddy somewhere that may have one.” 

The explanation continued: “We’ve been contacted by a lady who has sadly lost one of her twin boys and would like both baby boys to be in the same outfit on the day if the funeral.

“Please message the page if you have an identical one you are willing to donate and we’ll try and sort getting it to her.”

Taylor wrote on the post: “I would really like to get hold of the same suit in a size that would fit the healthy brother, as I had twin boys and unfortunately one didn’t make it.

“I thought they could have the same suit at the funeral so I could have the memory.”

The status was shared nearly 3,000 times. The Unmumsy Mum shared it on her Facebook page, writing: “Can anybody help? A mum has very sadly lost one of her twin boys and would like both baby boys to be in the same outfit on the day if the funeral. It’s an old Next sleepsuit - full details and pic below.”

Many mums commented on the post and had the exact sleepsuit the mum was looking for.

“I have this sleepsuit and have just messaged the woman Zoe Taylor so hopefully she will be able to see the message,” mum Paris Love wrote.

Another commented: “This was my favourite sleepsuit of my sons too, they both wore it and it is in a box. I will gladly give it.”

The Facebook appeal was updated less than 24 hours after with the update: “Sleepsuit has been found and fits perfectly. Thank you all so much for sharing this post.”

It’s amazing when the parenting community on Facebook rallies together to help a mum in need. 

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