Nick Clegg Talks 'Daily Mail Brexit', Standing In 2020 And Why His Passion For Politics Is Increasing

The former Deputy Prime Minister sat down for an in-depth interview with Huff Post UK

Before the camera’s roll for Huff Post UK’s interview with Nick Clegg, the ex-Lib Dem leader quickly shuffles some papers off his desk.

“I best get rid of these,” he says.

“Please don’t if there’s anything secretive in there we can film and then zoom in on later,” Huff Post UK jokes.

Clegg laughs, and says: “No, not anymore.”

It’s been 20 months now since Clegg was Deputy Prime Minister, and after a period away from the cameras, he is now very much at the centre of political life again.

His mini-resurgence began before the referendum vote, and while the arch-Europhile did not take a high-profile role in the official Stronger In organisation, he was an avid Remain campaigner.

Once the country voted to Leave, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron asked his predecessor to take on the mantel of Shadow Brexit Secretary - admittedly a slightly grand title for someone in a party with, at the time, just 8 MPs.

Clegg threw himself into the role, and started organising useful briefings for journalists struggling to come to terms with the complex EU bureaucracy and sometimes impenetrable trade negotiations.

Speaking to Huff Post UK from his Westminster office, Clegg talked about his fears for Brexit, why David Cameron was right to quit Parliament, and revealed he would stand in a snap election.

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