Nick Grimshaw’s Maldives Break Is Giving Us Serious Holiday Envy


For most people, the 2nd January means it’s time to set that alarm again and go back to work (unless you’ve had to work throughout the festive period, which really does suck).

But for one person and his celeb pals, Christmas isn’t quite over, as the sun continues to shine on their luxury Maldives break.

Yes Nick Grimshaw, we’ve seen your Instagram updates.

While the rest of us were still in our pyjamas, polishing off the last of the Roses and wondering if we’d ever wear a pair of skinny jeans again, Grimmy and co. jetted off to the tropical island, which looks like this:

Jealous? Us? 100%.

Grimmy has been in the Maldives with friends including Sadie Frost, Cara Delevingne and her sister, Poppy and the updates have just kept on coming…

Honestly, how do waters this clear even exist?

And when he’s not been hitting the beach or lounging by the pool, Grimmy has been enjoying some of the other scenery on offer:

Nick’s BFF Rita Ora rocked up just in time for a special New Year’s Eve gig, and discovered that you should probably try on your bikinis before packing them:

And her and Nick then gifted us with a clothes swap we cannot unsee:

As if it wasn’t star-studded enough, producer Ricky Mattioli then shared a snap of himself and another friend with Noel Gallagher:

What we’re trying to say is — where the hell was our invite?

For what it’s worth, we’ve looked at the resort they’re staying at and rooms come at the bargain price of *checks notes* around £1,100 a night.

So if we start saving now, we might be able to go by around, errm, 2035? Let’s do this.


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