19/11/2016 08:17 GMT

Nigel Farage And Donald Trump 'Farcical But No Joke', Jeremy Corbyn To Say

'It is down to Labour to restore hope.'

The “fake anti-elitism” of “rich white men” like Donald Trump and Nigel Farage must be tackled, Jeremy Corbyn will say.

The Labour leader will describe the pair as “farcical” in some respects but warn that they are “no joke”, insisting only Labour can provide a real alternative for those sick of the political and economic status quo.

In a direct pitch to Brexit supporters, Corbyn will insist only Labour can “take back real control”, echoing the Leave campaign’s slogan.

The 'fake anti-elitism' of 'rich white men' like Donald Trump and Nigel Farage must be tackled, Jeremy Corbyn is set to say

The vote to leave the European Union and Trump’s election as US president represents the “most important moment in politics for a generation”, he will say.

In a speech to Labour’s national policy forum in Loughborough on Saturday, Corbyn will say: “Political upheaval is becoming the norm. People know there can be no more business as usual, but the question is what will replace it.

“Voting for the status quo is not attractive to people because they know the status quo is failing them.

“The fake anti-elitism of rich white men like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump is farcical at one level, but in reality it’s no joke.

“So it is down to Labour to restore hope - and give people the chance to take back real control.

“The Tories under Theresa May are taking Britain backwards and failing to meet people’s needs and aspirations.

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Corbyn says it is 'down to Labour to restore hope'

“Under my leadership, Labour is setting a real alternative for Britain. Labour will be ready whenever the general election is called.

“Labour’s alternative will meet the scale of the change we need to see: full employment; a homes guarantee; security at work; a strong public NHS and social care; a National Education Service for all; action on climate change; public ownership and control of our services; a cut in inequality of income and wealth; action to secure an equal society; and peace and justice at the heart of our foreign policy.

“That is the shape of the transformation Labour is committed to for Britain.”