Nigel Farage Sparks Fierce Racism Row For Branding Barack Obama A 'Creature'

'It shows a frightening lack of self-awareness.'

Nigel Farage has sparked outrage and cries of racism for his blistering attack on President Barack Obama.

The Ukip leader, who advised Donald Trump during the Republican’s successful election campaign, had branded Obama a “creature” and a “loathsome individual”.

He said in a radio interview on Thursday:

“That Obama creature - loathsome individual - he couldn’t stand our country. He said we’d be at the back of the queue, didn’t he?”

Many couldn’t believe their ears when they heard his words.

But once the comment’s gravity took hold, it riled thousands of people, including Gary Lineker.

The former footballing legend led the charge of people who accused Farage of using racist language to attack America’s first black President.

Not everyone was convinced. One social media called Lineker out, saying he needed to “look up the definition of racism”.

So Twitter swiftly obliged:

Many lamented the state of British politics, including Times columnist Caitlin Moran, who suggested Farage’s outburst was “the absolute anal low-point of a year when bigotry stopped disguising itself”.

Labour MP John Woocock also spoke out, saying Farage’s comments had “clear racist tones”.

Even Charlotte Church waded into the debate, calling for media outlets to stop giving Farage air-time given he had stepped down from frontline politics.

Farage made the comment in an interview with TalkRadio on Thursday, as he was due to fly to the US after Donald Trump’s shock election victory.

He also suggested he could be forced to step in to stop Trump sexually assaulting Theresa May when the two premiers meet.