Nigel Farage Tripped Up By LBC Caller Over Integration

Well that was a touch awkward.

Nigel Farage was left floundering during his LBC call-in show on Sunday when a member of the public set up a rather sneaky trick question.

Richard from Pembrokeshire initially appeared to be agreeing with the Ukip leader’s often-asserted stance that foreigners in the UK should make an effort to speak English.

He said: “I was just going back to a point you said earlier about integration and how important it is and one of my big concerns is people coming to this country and not actually learning English - I don’t see how you can integrate if you don’t learn the language of the country.

“Farage said he “couldn’t agree more” and retold his infamous story about feeling “awkward while on a train where people were speaking foreign languages.

Richard then dropped his punchline.

He said: “Just on that, I was wondering why you’ve spent more than 20 years living in Belgium and yet you don’t speak a word of Flemish, German or French?”

Farage replies: “How do you know that?”

When questioned further about his linguistic skills Farage said he is “very good with a French wine list”.

Richard then takes the opportunity to get in another dig: “You drink Chateau Margaux on expenses at £100 a bottle!”

Farge ends with: “I’m not a brilliant linguist, I’ll admit to it.”

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