Nigel Farage's Moustache Has Twitter In Meltdown

This is the most exciting news we've had all week.

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage is attempting to grow a moustache.

He gave his new lip fluff its first public outing on Friday afternoon on Sam Delaney’s News Thing, which instantly sent Twitter into a frenzy of jokes.

Maverick outsider Figel Narage enters the Ukip leadership race

— Asa Bennett (@asabenn) August 12, 2016

Hello my name is Mr Egaraf and I'm here to take over UKIP

— Alex Finnis (@AlexFinnis) August 12, 2016

“Nigel…Farage? You must be mistaken, my name is…Guy. Guy Incognito”

— DocHackenbush (@DocHackenbush) August 12, 2016

Good god, Nigel Farage's new moustache. The full 'retired major at the golf club' – I can't bear to tweet a pic.

— Paul Clammer (@paulclammer) August 12, 2016

*Movember's PR dept calls crisis meeting*

— James Herring (@itsjamesherring) August 12, 2016

BREAKING NEWS, Nigel Farage is going after the comic book bad guy look.

— Tim Whatley (@tim_whatley) August 12, 2016

Rygel Farage's transformation is almost complete.

— chiller 48% ★ (@chiller) August 12, 2016

"No, I don't agree that this makes me look any more like Hitler. Nothing could be führer from the truth."

— Phlegm Clandango (@Cain_Unable) August 12, 2016

Swiss Tony making a comeback...

— Simon Neville (@SimonNeville) August 12, 2016


— Scott (@Flying_Inside) August 12, 2016

"I'm standing to be UKIP leader. Who's Nigel Farage? Never heard of him. Did he also have a moustache?"

— Dylan H Morris (@dylanhm) August 12, 2016

GOD KNOWS @Nigel_Farage

— Murray James (@murrayjame5) August 12, 2016

"Brexit was a great idea and not a financial disaster" says mystery man.

— Chris Brosnahan (@ChrisBrosnahan) August 12, 2016

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