Nigel Farage's 'Preposterous' Moustache Steals The Show During Television Interview

'Now all those pesky EU rules on moustaches are gone.'

Forget Labour’s implosion, Nigel Farage has again stolen the political spotlight - this time with a humble moustache.

The former Ukip leader displayed his new facial feature during an interview on the Sam Delaney’s News Thing on Friday.

Farage appeared on the show to respond to claims made by a former schoolfriend about his “dark” teenage years when he supposedly displayed “fascist” sympathies.

But it seems no one one listening to what he was saying.

In a teaser clip for the interview Farage made a number of points... but viewers only took one thing away from it - Farage now had a moustache, a “preposerous” moustache.

The political development delighted some...

Others made obvious comparisons between Farage and other mustachioed former leaders...

Although some on social media were more creatively minded...

The new accessory didn’t win everyone over...

And of course, there were a few Brexit jokes...

A conspiracy theory or two..

During the interview Farage claimed to have “killed the far-right”.

He said: “I destroyed the British National Party - we had a far-right party in this country who genuinely were anti-Jew, anti-Black, all of those things, and I came along, and said to their voters, if you’re holding your nose and voting for this party as a protest, don’t.

“Come and vote for me – I’m not against anybody, I just want us to start putting British people first, and I, almost single-handedly, destroyed the far-right in British politics.”

You can see Farage’s moutache in action... (and hear what he had to say) inthe video below.