Noel Edmonds Wants To Phone Your Cat, Goldfish Or Hamster To Cheer Them Up

Author's note: I seriously can't believe I'm actually writing this.

Ex-television star Noel Edmonds seems to be running out of things to do in his retirement, because he’s currently offering to ring your pets and chat to them.

The veteran telly presenter believes his words of encouragement can brighten the spirits of any animal, no matter how small.

And he’s really doing it. Writing in The Guardian, Peter Ormerod confirmed: “On Saturday, at 12.26pm Noel Edmonds phoned me up and then proceeded to talk to my cat, offering her words of affirmation and motivation.”

It’s ridiculous, and everyone knows it is.

If you’re thinking about applying to have Noel call your furry friends, you can sign up for the service on his website.