This Best-Selling Dog Life Jacket Could Be A Saviour For Your Pooch

Make sure your pet is safe near water with Non-Stop Dogwear's innovative floatation aid.
Non-Stop Dogwear’s Protector Life Jacket
Non-Stop Dogwear / Ml And Pictures
Non-Stop Dogwear’s Protector Life Jacket

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But now there is a new addition to the ever expanding dogwear range, in the form of the Protector Life Jacket.

Non-Stop Dogwear’s Protector Life Jacket does exactly what it says on the tin. This genius creation is a wearable floatation aid to ensure your dog – no matter the breed – is safe in, or by, the water.

The Protector Life Jacket can be worn come summer or winter, and is ideal when you are walking by rivers, at the beach, if your four-legged friend is a budding paddle boarder or loves to accompany you on boat rides.

Non-Stop Dogwear’s Protector Life Jacket will fit a variety of breeds

Dog life jackets may not be a new invention, but they have needed improvements as previous designs have reportedly been bulky, restrictive, caused overheating on a balmy summer’s day, and is often fitted with buoyancy elements on the back, which can make it difficult for your pet to float, or walk on dry land.

Non-Stop Dogwear has teamed up with experts in dog anatomy, biomechanics, as well as buoyancy professionals, and after two years of extensive research and testing the label has created a unique design, which is ergonomic, lightweight, provides the necessary buoyancy to keep your furry friend safe by the water.

The Protector Life Jacket sees the floatation elements fitted at the sides of the jackets, instead of the back, to keep your pet afloat.

The issue the experts found was buoyancy placed on areas below the water surface helps to keep your dog afloat, but any buoyancy features above the water is not practical.

Non-Stop Dogwear has divided the floatation elements on the side panels into three sections for mobility purposes, as one large panel could inhibit your dog from turning.

This creation also features highly breathable HexiVent material on the back, which allows air and water to flow easily through the garment, to ensure your dog does not overheat or get weighed down. Ventilation is essential for pets to help them regulate their body temperature and avoid overheating, which could be fatal.

The jacket fits around the stomach and neck, so the legs are free to run, whether they are swimming or walking.

Non-Stop Dogwear’s Protector Life Jacket only recently launched, and is already a best seller for the brand

For extra precaution a reflective stripe has been added on the top of the handle, while the jacket itself comes in a vibrant orange, for ultimate visibility.

Non-Stop Dogwear’s Protector Life Jacket is also fitted with a solid handle, which makes it easy to grab if you need to lift your dog out of the water.

Plus, there is a leash attachment point at the back, as well as two on the side of the life jacket, to help manoeuvre your pet easily if need be, and fasten a lead for your next walk.

It is also easy to clean too – simply hand wash by rinsing in warm water and leave to air dry in a warm place.

Human life jackets are tested using an ISO standard, and though there is not an official testing system in place for animal life jackets, Non-Stop Dogwear has tested the Protector Life Jacket in open water, pools, as well as water treadmills to ensure it delivers across the board on functionality, practicality, and safety.

The Protector Life Jacket comes in sizes two to seven to fit all breeds, from Pugs to larger Alsatians, and ranges in price from £112.95 - £130.95 depending on the size you choose, but sizes are selling out fast, so you will want to shop quickly.