Blogger Gets The Inside Of Her Nose Waxed, And The Internet Is Not Pleased

We can't watch.

In another installment of places-women-are-expected-to-be-hair-free we’ve got a new one for you, your nose cavity.

If we’re being totally honest, we’d never really given that much thought to the tiny hairs hidden within our nostrils.

But now a beauty blogger has shared a video of her waxing her nose with tiny wooden sticks, and the world will never be the same again.

Sepi Balini, who has 83.9k followers on Instagram, said of the video: “You gotta do what you gotta do…NOSE HAIR BE GONE!”

Balini, who we have to admit handles the presumably agonising pain with total grace and ease (those eyes don’t even water), says: “I’m Iranian so…that means a lot of hair.”

She had the procedure done at the Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon in Los Angeles last week, and within five days of sharing the treatment, has already been viewed over 4.7 million times.

But people are not happy.

Commenters have criticised Balini for potentially damaging her health and opening herself up to infection by removing the tiny hairs.

Nastassja Lewis said: “Nose hair is placed there to prevent you from breathing in bacteria.”

Avery agreed, saying: “Your nose hair filters out all the stuff you breath in every day. If you pluck those hairs, germs and particles near the follicles can get inside and cause an infection.”

“Wow. So much stupidity in one video,” said Heather.

One viewer even warned that Balini could cause her brain to bleed, Grace Glenn said: “Warning. If you pull a certain hair in your nose the wrong way you can bleed into your brain internally.”

Balini has responded to the waxing criticism with an amendment to the original post, saying: “I only wax the front, not all the way. I know nose hair is necessary.”

The treatment is not widespread in the UK, but there are brands of nose wax available in British high-street stores, such as Boots.

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