'Love Island': Latest Twist In Georgia And Jack Kiss Drama Sparks Ofcom Complaints

Has new boy Idris been telling porkies?

‘Love Island’ viewers have been complaining to Ofcom in their droves, over the drama centring around a kiss between Jack Fowler and Georgia Harrison.

Earlier this week, producers brought in VAR (yes, that same device used during the World Cup) to settle a debate about whether it was Jack - currently coupled up with Laura Anderson - or Georgia who leaned in for a kiss after a recent date.

<strong>Georgia and Jack share a kiss</strong>
Georgia and Jack share a kiss

While the VAR revealed that it was Georgia who initiated the kiss, newcomer Idris Virgo wasted no time in stirring the pot, telling Jack’s partner Laura that it was actually him who got the ball rolling, leaving the former flight attendant gutted.

<strong>Idris tells Laura his version of events, which contradict what the VAR footage on 'Aftersun' revealed</strong>
Idris tells Laura his version of events, which contradict what the VAR footage on 'Aftersun' revealed

So far, Ofcom has confirmed that they have received a total of 557 complaints from viewers concerned about Laura.

As is standard procedure, the media watchdog says they will be assessing these complaints, before deciding whether to launch an investigation.

<strong>Laura was clearly upset by the news</strong>
Laura was clearly upset by the news

This year’s ‘Love Island’ has already led to one influx of complaints to Ofcom, over the way Adam Collard treated then-partner Rosie Williams, behaviour which Women’s Aid said at the time displayed “warning signs” that women should be wary of in their own relationships.

Since leaving the island, Adam has attempted to explain himself, insisting that he “never intended to upset anybody along the way at any time” and hopes he “can show people that in upcoming weeks”.

Meanwhile, one fan on Facebook discovered footage they felt proved that Georgia and Jack’s controversial kiss may have been filmed more than once, throwing even more doubt onto the discussion about who initiated the romantic clinch.

‘Love Island’ continues on Thursday at 9pm on ITV2.

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