Oscars 2017: Jimmy Kimmel’s Introduction Of A Hollywood Tour Bus Group Was… Interesting

Gary - put your phone away!

The Oscars are great but let’s be honest: They go on for quite a long time.

This makes the job of keeping the crowd (and viewers at home) interested a very tough job, which is why the host needs a few good tricks up their sleeve.

And for Jimmy Kimmel, one of these was the introduction of a Hollywood tour bus full of people, who thought they were seeing an exhibition on the Academy Awards, rather than the ceremony itself:

Sadly, the whole ‘bit’ failed to light up the night, and we aren’t blaming him, but the fact movie fan Gary was more focussed on filming than meeting the celebrities in front of him didn’t help.

He did get to hold an Oscar though:

At this point, we probably would have passed out
At this point, we probably would have passed out
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

And yes, obviously people took to Twitter to discuss the skit...

Hats off to Denzel Washington though, for conducting a wedding service at such short notice.

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