Oscars Best Picture Fiasco Sent Up Perfectly In James Corden’s ‘La La Land’ Spoof

'Here's to the ones who lose. God, I need so much booze!'

As you probably know by now, the weekend’s Oscars ended with a gigantic mix-up during the Best Picture award presentation and as the explanations for how it happened continue to roll in, James Corden has been busy doing what he does best - having a good old laugh at the whole thing.

The ‘Late, Late Show’ TV host didn’t waste any time in masterminding a brilliant - and genuinely hilarious - send-up of the incident, which sees him dressed as Emma Stone’s ‘La La Land’ character Mia.


In his version of Mia’s make-or-break audition, the character responds to the casting director’s request for a simple story with a musical retelling of the Academy Awards incident, in which he sings: “Was this a mix-up, a conspiracy, a fix-up or was Warren Beatty just blind?

“Here’s to the ones who lose. God, I need so much booze!”

Quite frankly, it’s nothing short of genius.

We still can't believe this actually happened
We still can't believe this actually happened
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

“It was chugging along, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere it turned into one of those Maury Povich paternity test shows,” he explained. “It was the weirdest TV finale since ‘Lost’.

“In retrospect, we know that what happened was he was confused so he handed it to Faye and let her read it out. In other words, Clyde threw Bonnie under the bus.”

Watch James’s sketch above.

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