Oscars 2018: Jimmy Kimmel Rounds Up A-List Group To Surprise Cinema-goers Across The Road

Sadly, the gag failed to land with viewers.

The Oscars aren’t exactly known for being the edgiest ceremony in Hollywood but occasionally, they give something different a go anyway.

Last year, Jimmy Kimmel surprised a bus tour by bringing them on stage mid-ceremony but for 2018, he took the A-listers to the fans.

Addressing the A-list audience, Jimmy explained that there was a cinema full of people watching a preview screening of ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ across the street and asked for some volunteers to go and surprise them.

Plenty of volunteers came forward
Plenty of volunteers came forward
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Stars including Armie Hammer, Lupita Nyong’o, Mark Hammill, Gal Gadot and Ansel Elgort soon stepped forward and after a commercial break, the gang made their way into a cinema opposite the Oscars venue.

Equipped with plenty of snacks, hot dog canons and a six-foot long sandwich, the gang left the cinema-goers stunned, with Gal telling them: “This is so much better than the Oscars.”

Now... We know she was kidding. But the ‘Wonder Woman’ star had a point.

The stars at the Dolby Theatre watched the action on the big screen
The stars at the Dolby Theatre watched the action on the big screen
Kevin Winter via Getty Images

While the cinema-goers themselves were pleased, the gag didn’t land too well with viewers watching the Academy Awards:

Kimmel was hosting the ceremony for the second time and did a solid job of steering proceedings - well, at the time of writing, he was. It’s not that we don’t have faith in him to finish the job, but let’s not forget the fiasco last year’s Oscars ended with.

Winners on the night included Allison Janney, Sam Rockwell and ‘Dunkirk’, which took home the first three awards it was nominated for.

Former ‘Hollyoaks’ actress Rachel Shenton also became an Oscar winner when her short film, ‘The Silent Child’, was recognised by the Academy.

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