03/03/2018 07:59 GMT

Pamela Anderson Recalls The Scary Fan Story To End All Scary Fan Stories


If you’ve ever dreamed of fame and fortune and a celebrity lifestyle, you might change your mind after hearing Pamela Anderson’s close encounter with one seriously obsessed fan.

The former ‘Baywatch’ star revealed one particularly hairy moment with a female fan during an appearance on ‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’, airing tonight (3 March) on ITV.

Pamela Anderson and Piers Morgan

When Piers asked Pammie if she’d had any weird fan encounters over the years, the actress and campaigner described the moment she discovered that not only had a woman been living in her spare bedroom but had also got her hands on her most famous outfit.

She explained: “Yes, well there’s been dangerous ones as well, some people getting into my house and slicing their wrists and wearing my Baywatch bathing suit.”

Piers added: “This happened - a woman broke into your house didn’t she, and for three days, while you were there with your kids, she was living in one of your guest rooms without you realising?”

Pamela and that iconic 'Baywatch' swimsuit.

Pamela said: “Right. My dad came, and I was preparing the room for him and there was a woman in there, she had bleach blonde hair and she was wearing my Baywatch bathing suit, tucked in bed.

“And she had written a letter saying, ‘I’m not a lesbian, I just want to touch you’. And she was wearing my bathing suit and the police got it from her and wanted to give it back but I said, ’no, no it’s ok, you can keep that.”


“Terrifying, yes,” Pamela added. “It comes along with it, you just have to protect yourself and you have to be aware of it.”

During the interview, Pamela also admitted that she’d never got romantic with her former ‘Baywatch’ co-star David Hasselhoff.

“Oh no. No. Never, never,” she said. “The rest of the cast did but not David.”

Since recording the interview, Pamela has claimed the three-hour interview was edited down to 37 minutes of what she felt was reduced to “my body parts and men”.

In a blog published on her official website in January, the actress wrote: “But it’s ITV - Piers is notorious for trying to make everyone happy with a twist of tabloid journalism.

“He knows his audience. - I just wish differently. Times are changing. People are more aware than ever.”

‘Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Pamela Anderson’ airs tonight (Saturday 3 March) on ITV at 9.50pm.


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