03/10/2016 13:51 BST

Panda Falls Out Of Tree In Chinese Nature Reserve, Starting A Brawl

Bam. Boo.

A clumsy panda fell out of a tree in a Chinese nature reserve, prompting a minor brawl with the other startled bears.

The video showing the panda dropping to the ground was filmed at Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve, Sichuan.

The bear appears to have been collecting bamboo when a branch snaps and he falls to the floor.

The clumsy panda startles other bears after it falls from a tree.

Fortunately, the animal appears to be unharmed and attempts to collect the bamboo branches he was holding when he fell. 

But as he tries to gather the branches, two other pandas in the reserve can be seen trying to grab the sticks, leading to a tug of war tussle.

The three bears continue to grapple over the sticks before a bigger panda charges in before the video clip ends.

It is not clear what happens after.

The Chinese nature reserve is home to about 150 giant pandas, a highly endangered species.

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