21/11/2017 12:35 GMT | Updated 21/11/2017 12:41 GMT

Paul Masterston MP Receives Christmas Card Calling Him 'Judas' And 'Traitor' For His Position On Brexit

Merry Christmas!

A Tory MP, who was recently branded a “mutineer” over Brexit on the front page of the Telegraph, has shared a card he received calling him “Judas” and telling him to leave the country.

Paul Masterton tweeted the Christmas card that read: “PACK YOUR SUITCASE. LEAVE THE UK AND DONT RETURN EVER. YOU: TRAITOR.” (sic)

As the season of goodwill to all men approaches, the author crossed out “Happy” and wrote “Brexit”, wishing Masterton a Brexit Christmas.

Masterton, who was elected to represent East Renfrewshire in June, tweeted he pitied the trees that were lost to make the card.

Scotsman journalist Paris Gourtsoyannis asked whether the sender had crossed out ‘happy’ by mistake and actually meant to wish Masterton ‘Happy Brexit’.

Fellow Tory MP Johnny Mercer joked he was the one who sent it and said it was because Masterton had mocked his moustache.

Masterton was among 15 Tory MPs branded “mutineers” for voting against an amendment to the Brexit bill that would have written the day we leave the EU into law.

His colleague Anna Soubry, who was also among the “mutineers”, said she had received threats after The Telegraph front page.

She raised a point of order in the Commons last Wednesday, in which she revealed her office had been forced to report at least five offensive and threatening Twitter posts to the police following the article’s publication the previous evening.

Masterton, whose constituency voted Remain, defended his position to local party members, writing: “This is not a question of if we leave the EU, or even when, those things are settled. It is a question of how.

“It is my firm view that placing the date and time of exit on the face of the Withdrawal Bill would severely weaken and undermine the Government’s negotiating position.

“The Government wants to get the best possible deal for the country, and this amendment severely binds its hands in an unhelpful way.”