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Thirteen activists have been arrested as the group target a number of sites, including the presses for Murdoch-owned titles including The Sun and The Times.
Park picnics could soon return, Donald Trump U-turns on task force, and more essential news.
Newspaper admits false claim about the UK economy was "columnist’s own extrapolation".
The actor sat down with The Telegraph to talk about his new film, but things didn't go as expected.
The MCB will file a formal complaint against the newspaper, a spokesman said.
Johnson is a peculiarly malignant and aggressive tumour that will leave post-Brexit England a rump with the other parts of the old union clumsily amputated, Tim Walker writes.
Tory leadership frontrunner sparks fierce backlash after using Daily Telegraph column to argue that Northern Ireland border problems could be solved using the "spirit" of the Apollo 11 mission.
As The Daily Telegraph is criticised for using its front page to back Johnson – its long-standing opinion writer – for Tory leader.